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Sleeve Gastrectomy Facts From Our Clinic

  • Dr Hehir has performed over 490 sleeve gastrectomies.
  • average weight lost is 75% of their excess weight by 1 year.
  • 15% of our patients have lost 90% or more of their excess weight
  • Rate of complications is low, similar to a gall bladder operation.
  • Dr Hehir’s results show a lower than the national average for complications
  • 15% of patients have previously had a lap band with similar outcomes
  • Dr Hehir is a member of ANZMOSS (ANZ Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Society)
  • All operations are tracked through the National Bariatric Registry
  • Very low reoperation rates
  • 3% required a gastroscopy post surgery within 12 months
  • 1% required a blood transfusion but recovered fully.
  • Main problems are reflux (usually managed with medications), gastric leak and weight regain due to enlarged stomach, and Vitamin B12 deficiency

Reasons for weight loss surgery

  • quality of life (workplace and social)
  • sleep apnoea
  • diabetes
  • musculo-skeletal
  • stroke
  • bowel and breast cancer
  • fertility especially polycystic ovary syndrome
  • cardiac disease
  • work place and social discrimination
  • body image
  • medical issues


  • follow up locally
  • very competitive results


  • skin
  • gall bladder
  • hair loss

Criteria for patient selection

  • any of the above reasons
  • BMI of 32 or above
  • generally aged between 20 and 70 depending on individual assessment
  • the operation cannot be performed in the local Public system so patients need to be financial.
  • please contact us on 44235507 for a quote


One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass – mini gastric bypass

  • Introduced January 2019 for patients less likely to do well with sleeve gastrectomy (i.e. high BMI, age > 50 years, diabetes, revisions)
  • Now offered to almost all
  • Well tolerated
  • Over 150 patients
  • Excess weight loss at one year over 66%, but patients generally older
  • Bigger patients having one anastomosis gastric bypass
  • 1% early reoperation in 1st week
  • 5% need endoscopy in 3 months
  • Combined band removal and one anastomosis gastric bypass were associated with 2 early reoperations

Political Problems

  • Nutritional – manageable with supplements
  • Variation sugars with high protein diet
  • Ulcers – need medication for 6 weeks or more
  • Need for gastric dilation


Very occasionally, Dr. Hehir will recommend an operation he does not perform, and you will be referred elsewhere.


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