Our Practice

The Practice is divided into two parts. One is for laparoscopic (or keyhole) and general surgical procedures as well as endoscopy; and the other, starting on 1st January 2009, is the South Coast Bariatric Clinic (SCBS), for obesity procedures.

Our Doctor:

Dr Mark Hehir MBBS (SYD) FRACS
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Our Staff:

Practice Manager: Mrs Melissa Hehir
Melissa is not only the Practice Manager, she is also the wife of Dr Hehir. She has been part of the ‘husband and wife team’ since 1994.  Not every marriage can sustain working together, but she manages it by having strict guidelines…no talking about work except between 9am and 5pm. Her job is to oversee the business side of the practice.
Patient Facilitator: Mrs Esma Hanson
Esma  is our full time Patient Facilitator. She came to us in 2001 from a background of medical administration at the Shoalhaven Hospital. The Patients love her because she is genuinely interested in their welfare and always remembers which family member is getting married, or who has just been on holiday, and the name of the latest grandchild!
Her job is to manage the day to day running of the Practice as well as guiding our Bariatric patients throughout their weight-loss journey.

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22 Shoalhaven St

Tel: (02) 4423 5507
Fax: (02) 4422 8003